Jim Walker | Writer

In 2001 Jim Walker started writing short stories about growing up in a large family.  Widely published in local newspapers, these humorous and poignant stories led him to write this first in a series of stories about Kat.  Jim and his family along with their dog, Kat, live in Jonesboro, Louisiana.  Kat is lovingly illustrated by Jim's talented daughter, Wendy Walker Deason who lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

Here's a lovely picture of Jim reading to his granddaughter and doing a book signing at the Montessori School of Ruston.

Kat Journey by Jim Walker

When his family accidentally leaves him in a strange town, Kat the dog must look for a new place to belong. As he travels from place to place, he receives gifts from those who have little but are willing to share with a "friend" in need. At the end of his journey, Kat not only finds a loving new family, he then learns of the ultimate Gift of love -- God's Son.

Parents and children alike will delight to read this warmly illustrated bilingual book that reinforces the concepts of our love for each other and God's love for us.

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