Shower Tablets Aromatherapy Variety Set



Yuzu Soap's multi-use shower tablets are a unique way to experience an in-shower olfactory experience. Each tablet can be used for 3 average showers (with an average shower being 5 – 7 minutes). Each set includes 3 multi-use tablets and a dish.

Set of 3
Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood and Tobacco & Bay Leaf
To use, place one tablet inside the dish and onto the shower floor or bathtub edge in one of the two corners closest to the water stream (but not directly in the water stream). Drizzle water onto the tablet to activate. As the tablet fizzes, the aroma will be released into the shower.
Work best in a closed shower environment. They are also more effective when the water temp. is higher (generates more steam to disperse the aroma).
Baking soda, citric acid, salt, essential oils or fragrance oils, natural clay and witch hazel.
9 ounces

Vendor: Yuzu