Nativity Set



Bless your surroundings with this complete nativity collection. Telling the story of the birth of baby Jesus, a scene created by these figurines represents a traditional celebration of faith for the holidays.

Exclusive: Yes
Dimensions: 12"L x7"W x19.5"H
10.5"L x7.5"W x15.5"H
8"L x7.5"W x20"H
8"L x7"W x19.5"H
12.5"L x6"W x8.75"H
8.5"L x7"W x20.5"H
10"L x8"W x20"H
8.5"L x6.5"W x6.5"H
8"L x7.5"W x14.5"H

Vendor: Sullivans