You can't keep a real tiger in your bedroom. That's a problem but don't worry, we have a solution. The Lifelike Tiger Stuffed Animal by Nat and Jules! With realistic features, a snuggly body, and whole lot of cuteness, this stuffed tiger is an excellent substitute for the real thing. Your desire to have a pet tiger is admirable, it's just not realistic. Do you know what is realistic? This tiger stuffed animal by Nat and Jules. Yes it is smaller, quieter, and less likely to make your parents go crazy than a real one but those are all glass half full type characteristics. Positives. The bright side. The upside, this lifelike stuffed tiger has lots of upside. You've got to learn to weigh the consequences against the rewards of your decisions and there is no better time to start than now. Pass on the real tiger, for now. Maybe someday, but for now you need to make the right choice. A tiger stuffed animal. You'll be happier for it. Everyone involved will be better off. Your parents will be proud, your dog will appreciate it, and even your friends will admire your excellent decision making skills. This lifelike tiger stuffed animal is the solution to your problem. No you can't keep a real tiger in your bedroom but, yes, you can find the best alternative to fulfill your desire. Life is about making good decisions. Now get yourself a stuffed tiger and get to work on that potato cannon you've been dreaming about!

Vendor: Demdaco