Zuzu' Praline Candy Mix

G&D Foods


There's Nothing Else Like It In The World" For 20 years, there was a constant request for Traditional Louisiana Pralines, to be served as a familiar delicacy at wedding receptions. The problem was that the old fashioned recipe was unreliable. Knowing at what point the candy was cooked, was difficult for beginner employees. Achieving the "softball" stage proved to be difficult for them and using a thermometer was intimidating. Weather conditions also made the old recipe unreliable. If the atmosphere was humid or if an order had to be filled on a rainy day, the old recipe pralines just wouldn't "turn". To take care of all of these problems, a brand new product was developed. After much trial and error, we proudly introduce the world's first Praline Candy Mix. With the development of Zuzu's Praline Candy Mix, all of these issues with the old recipe became a thing of the past. Zuzu's recipe ALWAYS turns out perfect. Zuzu's can even be cooked outside, which is impossible with the old recipe. For the first time, campers and tailgaters can make these delicious treats to share with the group. Any heat source can be used to make this recipe. Gas and electric cooktops will work as well as camping stoves,or portable electric stoves. The key is to get this recipe up to a boil for 1 minute, no matter what heat source you use. And the taste, have we mentioned the taste. Without a doubt, these are the creamiest, smoothest, most buttery, delicious, highest quality pralines you will ever eat.And as an extra bonus, Zuzu's also makes 12 other delicious recipe.

Vendor: G&D Foods